Court Dismisses 29 Claims of Possible Prince Heirs

A Minnesota judge decided Friday that 29 people who claimed to be related to Prince were not his heirs.

The list of possible heirs to the “Purple Rain” singer’s estate is now down to a  few, which include his four siblings and half-siblings – Tyka Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson and John Nelson – and a possible niece and grand-niece, Brianna Nelson and Victoria Nelson. Carver County Judge Kevin Eide has ordered for genetic testing for the six possible relatives.

The order did not mention two of Prince’s half-brothers, Alfred Jackson and Omarr Baker, who are Prince’s mother’s (Mattie Shaw) children from other marriages. This possibly means genetic testing is not needed to prove their relation to Prince since they have the same mother.

Prince passed away in April from a drug overdose. The artist didn’t leave a will, nor does he have any known children, so the courts will determine what happens with his multi-million dollar estate, which is estimated to be worth over $300 million.

Some of the dismissed claims included people stating Prince was their biological father or that Prince was their half-sibling through someone other than Prince’s father (John L. Nelson).

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