Jason Momoa: Actor, Artisan, Adventurer

To look at Jason Momoa one can’t help but become agape at his size and chiseled physique. A stout six-foot-four, Hawaiian-born and Iowa-bred, Momoa has appeared in shows like Baywatch and Stargate: Atlantis before becoming Khal Drogo on the acclaimed Game of Thrones. But he’s more renaissance man than actor. Back in December, Brian Andrew Mendoza made a short video that allowed audiences to get to know the real Jason Momoa.

While he is about to be turned into the next huge superhero as Aquaman in this year’s Justice League (which will be followed by his own singular Aquaman tale in 2018), Momoa seems unfazed by the stardom that is likely to come his way. The son of a photographer and painter, he follows his own path. Coming from a family of builders and hunters, he is a lover of the fine arts (painting, music), rock climbing and skateboarding. He has a great sense of adventure and would be content just roaming the country like Caine in that old show Kung Fu.

But in the end, it’s not fame or notoriety that matters most to him. It’s his “Ohana.” His family.

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