Robert Downey Jr. Needs Your Vote TODAY!

Joss Whedon has assembled the Avengers and then some one last time to get people out of their houses and to their nearest polling station. Iron Man, Black Widow, the Green Goblin (sans costumes), even former president President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) appear in the near minute-long clip, which was released late Monday as part of Wheedon’s Save the Day super PAC.

The celebs throw out some hypothetical situations of Election Day scenarios with an emphasis on reminding viewers that no one can impede your right to vote. Scarlet Johansson will even drive you to the polls, and Keegan Michael Key will literally give you a kick in the ass if it will make you get out and vote.

Regarding the last video in a series of election ads (check out this spot from September), Whedon acknowledged in an interview with Entertainment Weekly for those who feel their votes do not matter that…

“I would say to the people who have given up, you need one day of hope.”

So take the time and go out and vote on Election Day!

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