Steve Jobs’ Wardrobe Up for Auction

Ever wanted to be just like Steve Jobs? Well, now you can dress like him!

The estate of Jane Fonda has teamed up with Julien’s Live, an auction site for celebrity and entertainment memorabilia, to auction off some of Steve Jobs’ wardrobe. It is unclear how Jane Fonda’s estate acquired these items, but the list of items available include his Vantage brand turtleneck that has the NeXT company logo, his copy of The Official Computer Freaks Joke Book by Larry Wilde and Steve Wozniak, one of his bow ties, his Baume & Mercier wristwatch, his bathrobe and electric razors, and other clothing and accessories that the Apple co-founder owned.

The site has over 30 items that Jobs owned up for auction, and bidding is currently open. Bids are currently range from $200 to $8,000. The auction closes on September 21st.

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