Halle Berry Goes Full On Mama Bear In KIDNAP


BackstageOL’s Dave Morales sat down with actress and mama bear Halle Berry in this backstage interview to talk about Luis Prieto’s mystery/thriller, Kidnap.

In the interview, Berry discussed how moms (including herself) are “ferocious” when it comes to protecting their children. She explained, “I know that the heart of a mother is fierce. Mothers are ferocious when it comes to their children. We can actually do things that we never thought we can do when our kids are in danger.”

The actress also shared what it was like to film the intense car chase scenes, where she keeps her Oscars, and more!

The film’s synopsis:

A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mother Karla Dyson when kidnappers snatch her young son Frankie. With no cellphone and no time to wait for police, Dyson jumps into her car to follow the vehicle that holds Frankie. As the pursuit turns into a frantic, high-speed chase, Karla must risk everything and push herself to the limit to save her beloved child.

Kidnap hits theaters August 4th. For more from Berry, check out the full interview below!

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