HOSTILES: Q’orianka Kilcher, Wes Studi & Director Scott Cooper

Racial divide is one of the major themes in the film.

Dave Morales takes you backstage with Q’orianka Kilcher, Wes Studi and director Scott Cooper to talk about the upcoming Western film, Hostiles.

In the interview, Cooper explains the themes of racial divide, saying, “[This film] shows two men, as well as two groups of traveling individuals, how they could reconcile and offer one another forgiveness and healing… It goes to show how, we as Americans, can do the same thing.”

The film’s synopsis:

In 1892, legendary Army Capt. Joseph Blocker reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief and his family back to their tribal land. Embarking on a harrowing and perilous journey from Fort Berringer, N.M., to the grasslands of Montana, they soon encounter a young widow whose family was killed on the plains. The travelers must now band together to survive a punishing landscape that’s crawling with hostile Comanches and vicious outliers.

Hostiles hits theaters December 22nd. For more from Kilcher, Studi and Cooper, check out the full interview below!

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