Katey Sagal Talks ‘Bleed For This’ & Working With Miles Teller

“He reminded me of one of my kids,” she says.

Katey Sagal Talks ‘Bleed For This’ & Working With Miles Teller

Katey Sagal plays the mom of legendary boxer Vinny Pazienza in the upcoming biopic, Bleed For This. BackstageOL’s Dave Morales sat down with the actress in this backstage interview to talk about the film and working with Miles Teller.

“I didn’t know the story of Vinny Paz,” Sagal admitted. “I didn’t realize the story – It’s unbelievable… It’s a fantastic story.”

When asked about the talented cast, specifically her co-star Teller who plays Paz in the film, she said, “I’m so glad to have been involved with him. I’m a big fan of his… He reminded me of one of my kids.”

Below is the film’s synopsis:

Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza (Miles Teller), a local Providence boxer, shoots to stardom after winning two world title fights. After a near-fatal car accident leaves him with a broken neck, he is told he may never walk again. Against all odds and doctor’s orders, renowned trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) agrees to help Vinny return to the ring just a year after the accident for what could be the last fight of his life. Based on a true story.

Alongside Sagal, director Ben Younger’s Bleed For This stars Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Ciarán Hinds and more. The film hits theaters nationwide on November 18th.

Watch the full interview with Sagal below:

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