Aerosmith Will Perform on ‘American Idol’ Season Finale

When the news broke that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler had signed on to be a judge on American Idol the singer hadn’t shared the news with his band yet.

Turmoil ensued as to whether the band, who was touring at the time, would break up or have to replace their lead singer.

“It’s his business, but I don’t want Aerosmith’s name involved with it,” guitarist Joe Perry famously told the Calgary Herald after he heard the news. “It’s a reality show designed to get people to watch that station and sell advertising. It’s one step above [Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtles.”

Time seems to heal old wounds.

Joe Perry told Rolling Stone Magazine that the group will be performing their new single on the show’s May 23rd season finale.

Just last March, Perry appeared on the show to sing “Happy Birthday” to bandmate and American Idol judge Steven Tyler.  Perry even sat in the judge’s seat.

“It wasn’t about the show – it was about how we found out about it,” Perry told Rolling Stone. “I was pissed off about that whole thing, but I’ve played on it before and the band is gonna play on it in the last episode of the season to debut the new single. So it’s not about the show, it’s about how we found out about it. It was a bit of a shock and it took us off balance.”

The season finale of the eleventh season of American Idol will air on Fox Wednesday, May 23rd.

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