Battleship, Titanic 3D, and Hunger Games Overperfrom Overseas

The summer movie season kicks off May 1st and there are already some movies that have a leg up on the competition! Battleship, Titanic 3D, and Hunger Games have been performing very well at the international box office.

Battleship doesn’t open in the U.S. until May 18th but it’s having success at the overseas box office where its debut in 28 international territories and China has a total worldwide estimate of $72.2M and close to $100M through Sunday.

After its fourth weekend in release, The Hunger Games has made an international total near $200M. The movie has become the first movie in 2012 to pass $500M worldwide well on its way to $550M by the end of this weekend.

Titanic stands to gross $190M for all international territories through Wednesday. It’s 6-day opening weekend in China was the industry’s biggest opening ever. Its $67M beat out Transformers 3 ($56M) debut there last summer. The overall international first-weekend gross for Titanic 3D was $98.9M, putting the re-release cume-to-date at $157.1M.

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