New ‘Godfather’ Collection Limited To 45,000 Sets

To commemorate the film’s 45th anniversary, Paramount Home Entertainment is making an offer Godfather fans can’t refuse with a limited edition box set titled THE GODFATHER TRILOGY: OMERTÀ EDITION. Set to arrive on November 7th, the box set will include the Coppola Restoration of The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II, plus a newly remastered version of The Godfather, Part III.

The box set will incorporate extras found on the original Blu-ray releases, including commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola, a fourth disc of previously released features, and special to the OMERTÀ EDITION new collectible Trivia Cards, Magnetic Poetry, an Anatomy of a Scene fold out and Quote Cards.

Sadly, it will not include The Godfather Saga, which was a TV miniseries that combined the first two films into a singular release. It made its debut on NBC in November 1977 and had a release on VHS and Laserdisc (in 1992) but never on DVD or Blu-ray. It has had different titles over the years including The Godfather Epic when it aired on HBO back in January 2016.

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