‘The Avengers’ Breaks Box Office Records with $178.4M Debut

Marvel’s new superhero saga The Avengers is already breaking box office records and it hasn’t even open in the United States yet.  The blockbuster film has raked in over $178.4 million in ticket sales in it’s first week overseas.

The film that opened in 39 international markets on Wednesday broke opening-day records in four countries and opening-weekend records in 12 territories (including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines).

On Wednesday The Avengers grossed the third highest opening of all time in Argentina and Korea for a cumulative $2.9 million.  The film posted the second highest opening of all time on the same day in Australia.  The Thursday opening of the film in the U.K. was the third highest of all time with $4.1 million.

Forecasters are predicting an opening as large this year’s Hunger Games which opened with $152.5 million domestically last month.

The Avengers opens in theaters Friday, May 4 in North America.


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