‘The Avengers’ Smash Box Office Records

Over the weekend Marvel’s The Avengers bank rolled $200.3 million over the weekend, breaking the record for the highest grossing movie debut in the United States.  On opening day in the US the film took in $80.5 million.  The worldwide total for the film now stands at $641.8 million.

The Avengers had a huge IMAX debut as well, selling out on 275 digital-only IMAX screens in the US.  The film now ties Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 as the top-earning IMAX opening of all time with $31.2 million in IMAX ticket sales.

The film’s distributor Walt Disney and Marvel are not the only ones making money 0n the film though.  Viacom’s Paramount Picture is making a healthy fortune on the film even though it did not spend a cent on the production or marketing of the film.

Under a 2005 distribution agreement between Marvel and Paramount, Paramount receives an eight percent distribution fee for all theatrical, home video, internet and television rights, according to two people with knowledge of the agreement.  In April alone Paramount made $57.5 million off The Avengers international release.

“Not only will we distribute it and market it, but we know that Marvel is working really hard with the cooperation of a number of entities at Disney to turn The Avengersinto a true franchise,” Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger told a group of investors.

Marvel’s next film, Iron Man 3, is expected in theaters in 2013.

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