USMC Praise WWE’s Vince McMahon After Firing Randy Orton

WWE superstar Randy Orton has been axed from the upcoming film Marine: Homefront after the truth of his military past comes to light.  According to several Marines who served with Orton, the wrestling superstar deserted his military unit on numerous occasions.

“I am disgusted that his face and the word Marine are being used next to each other — real or fake — because of the fact that he quit us, the country, and the Marine Corps,” Cpl. Mike Vinn, one of Randy’s former unit members, told TMZ.  “[Randy] in the role of a Marine is a disgrace to those that have worn and are wearing that uniform.”

Orton was reportedly received a negative discharge from the USMC after going AWOL on two separate occasions and disobeying a superior officer.  For his offenses Orton was court-martialed and served 38 days in the brig.

Once the news of Orton’s military record became known, WWE honcho Vince McMahon fired Orton off the film.

“WWE demonstrated poor judgment in signing Randy Orton for the 3rd installment of the film,” a representative for the WWE stated.   “Despite Randy’s popularity, the fact that he was dishonorably discharged from the USMC made it inappropriate for him to be cast in this film.

Now the USMC is happy.

“On behalf of all the Marines from Aco 1/4 98-02, that were outraged to hear about Randy Orton portraying a Marine in the next movie “Marine: Homefront”, I’d like to thank the WWE for pulling Orton from the role when they heard about his disloyal service to the United States Marine Corps,” Cpl. Mike Vinn told TMZ after learning the news.  “It shows respect for not only the unit I had served in, but for every person that has ever defended this nation.  Thank you WWE.”


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