Watch: New ‘Guardians Vol. 2’ Trailer Is Here

Jimmy Kimmel Live is on the upswing all thanks to the way the 89th Academy Awards telecast ended. So it comes as no surprise that during the host’s late-night talk show that ABC’s parent company Disney (who also owns Marvel Comics) would want to drop a new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer.

The second full trailer finds the gang trying to save the galaxy once again. While Star-Lord navigates The Milano through hostile territory, Baby Groot is riding in the back, sans belt, while munching down on some M&Ms. Gamora, Drax, and Rocket are back, too, as is Yondu and Nebula. No word on if Howard the Duck will pop up again, though.

Guardians of the Galaxy was a monster success when it arrived in theaters back in 2014, and it collected more than $770 million worldwide. Disney and Marvel Studios are looking for more of the same when Vol. 2 kicks off the summer 2017 season on May 5th.

To watch the first trailer from last December, click here.

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