Beyonce’s Personal Photo Album

A look inside the personal life of Beyonce – the Knowles sisters on a private yacht, Beyonce dressed as Spiderman, Jay-Z and Beyonce cuddling

Did you know over 3.7 million people have been following Beyonce on Twitter without her ever sending out a single Tweet?  That all ended today.  For the first time ever ‘B’ sent out a big announcement via Twitter to her millions of followers.

The tweet read: “Hey World, it’s B! I’m so excited to invite you to my new – we’ve been working hard, and it’s finally ready for you XO”.

Inside the “Single Ladies” singer gives fans access to her whole life, including personal family photos.

View Beyonce’s full personal photo album at

Beyonce dressed as Spiderman
Time for a quick snorkel
Beyonce and her little friend repping H-Town
Jay-Z and Beyonce chillen in the Mediterranean
Nap time
Beyonce practicing her HOVA
Beyonce in Hawaii
The Knowles sisters relaxing on a private yacht
You can never get too old (or rich) to play in the sand
The power couple
The world awaits…

Beyonce enjoying the sunset

Photos: Beyonce/Tumblr/Twitter

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