Norah Jones’ New Album Inspired By Racism, Gun Violence

From her 2002 debut single “Come Away With Me,” comes “Carry On.”

After many years favoring the guitar, singer and pianist Norah Jones stated to Entertainment Weekly that she’s back with the piano for her sixth solo album, Day Breaks.

“Rather than thinking, ‘It’s time to get back to my roots,’ I definitely was just inspired to do this music,” said Jones. “I just had so much fun playing piano.”

She explained that the album was inspired by current-events happening around the world, with tracks like “Flipside” – referencing gun violence – and an optimistic cover of Horace Silver’s “Peace.”

“There’s a lot going on – race relations, terrorism, people going nuts and shooting each other,” she said. “If you watch the news, you’re basically going to stay up all night worrying.”

Jones continued, “It’s true that you get inspired by darkness. Even when I’m in a good place, I could have one dark day and get a good song out of it.”

Day Breaks is due out October 7th. Watch the music video of “Carry On” below!

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