Ruben In LA: Simon Cowell

There he is...THE Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell was holding court on Tuesday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
to talk to reporters about the upcoming launch of the XFactor. This was my third face to face with the man that elevated the the high school talent show format to the million dollar prime time machine that it is today. When people ask me “what’s he like? Is he as mean as he comes across on tv?” the easy and honest answer is no. The guy could not be more pleasant.

But he has a lot riding on this new show. Whether he wants to talk about it or not, in order for this new show to be a success in his mind, it has to blow away American Idol. This is the next level for Simon. It’s all or nothing and he most certainly plans on delivering
the goods.

I tried to pry information out of him concerning the talent that he has seen so far but he wasn’t about to give anything away. I asked if he had found any singing groups so far that might have a chance to make it? He said that there were maybe three in the competition that could make a run at the title. He told me several months ago that he thought the time was right for another group to take over the charts.

No matter how you feel about reality television talent shows, I suggest you tune in for this one. With five million dollars on the line and Simon calling the shots, this one could go all the way.

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