Betty White Joins Twitter!

It’s official. Betty White is now on Twitter.

The legendary actress just opened the account yesterday….or did she?

After tweeting the first message which said, “”Hello Twitter! And they said it would never happen. Oh wait, that was me,” fans lined up to become “followers” of White. As of Wednesday afternoon she had over 140 thousand fans on the social networking site. That number is sure to grow as word spreads about the tweeting “Hot In Cleveland” star.

There was a bit of question Wednesday about the validity of the account and whether or not White indeed was the person tweeting.

Valerie Bertinelli, a friend of White’s and co-star on the “Hot In Cleveland” show, tweeted “Just spoke with Betty and she is VERY upset! @BettyMWhite is NOT her. Don’t know how they got verified, but it is not Betty. Please RT!”

That was followed by more Bertinelli tweets that read:

“Stop the presses! Betty just got a call. An account was opened on her behalf by her people. More to come…”

“It’s all a misunderstanding…@BettyMWhite IS Betty’s twitter account!”

Finally, Bertinelli (@Wolfiesmom) posted, “I think @BettyMWhite pranked me but good! #blushing.”

Those wacky celebrities.

To follow Betty White, click @BettyMWhite.

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