“Big Game” Commercials: Ferris Bueller and David Beckham

So, we all know the “big game” this Sunday between the New England Patriots and New York Giants will have a worldwide audience well into the millions. We also know that companies pay to the tune of $3.5 million dollars for 30 seconds of precious air time.

Two of the commercials have “leaked” online- and we have them for you.

Our first one is AWESOME. Matthew Broderick reprises his role as Ferris Bueller from the classic John Hughes movie. The ad is for Honda and according to Jason Sperling, who works for the agency RPA (who created the spot), Broderick first passed on doing the commercial. “At first, he passed,” says Sperling. “But then a week later he called and asked if it was still on the table. I think he just wanted to be convinced that we would do the movie justice.”

Judge for yourself. By the way, this is the FULL two minute version. Only one minute will be shown Sunday.

Side note- “Hangover” director Todd Phillips directed the spot.

The second ad that “leaked” (I have a feeling the ad agencies do these on purpose) is David Beckham in his underwear. Beckham is promoting his line of undergarments for H & M.

By the way, you only get 30 seconds of David.

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