Must See: Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump Cold-Calls Madea

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host reprised his Donald Trump impression with the help of his guest, Tyler Perry.

In the skit, the Republican presidential candidate cold-calls undecided voters and happens upon none other than Madea (played by Perry). “What is your biggest concern in this election?” he asks, in which Madea replies, “Oh that’s simple: You. You are my biggest concern this election.”

Madea then proceeds to tell him that if he were to win, he should make sure the National Guard provides warm coats to everyone. Because, “If you win, hell done froze the hell over.”

Fallon’s Trump persists on attempting to get Madea on his side, asking her, “Is there anything I can say to convince you to vote for me?”

She responds, “Oh yes, very simple: Hello, my name is Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.”

Check out Fallon’s skit below!

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