New ‘Dexter’ Novel Set for October Release Date

Jeff Lindsay, the author of Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which began as the inspiration for the Golden Globe winning Showtime series “Dexter,” has a seventh book set to be released on October 25th.  Taking a different route than previous editions, hardcore fans of the television series will enjoy new stories straight from the mind of Dexter himself.  The upcoming novel, Dexter’s Debut will be released after the start of the show’s 8th season – which premieres on June 30th.

The premise of the new novel seems to hit close to home on the series. Cop shows are bringing revenue to Miami and Dexter Morgan is asked to be an adviser for the filming of a new show on top of his regular job as Miami PD’s blood spatter analyst.   Suddenly, things take a distinctly dark turn when the leading actress on the show keels over from a very real bullet on the set, right in front of Dexter. With the press going crazy that the murder took place under the very nose of Miami’s finest, Dexter and Deborah are under heavy pressure to solve the case. When their lead suspect turns up dead, and then Rita and Cody are found bound, gagged and barely alive, Dexter knows he’s truly met his match.

The book’s author, Jeff Lindsay, made a cameo appearance in Season 3 Episode 10 called “Go Your Own Way.”  When talking to him at the book signing in Houston for the fifth “Dexter” novel, Dexter is Delicious, he mentioned that he had been trying to get a cameo on the show since its premiere in 2006.

Expect Dexter’s Debut to become a New York Times bestseller late this Summer.

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