‘Planet Earth II’ Trailer Gives Mesmerizing Look at Wild Animals

BBC Worldwide released the trailer for its upcoming nature documentary series Planet Earth II this week, which provides an amazing look at various animals in their habitats around the world.

The series is the sequel to Planet Earth, which consisted of eleven episodes and premiered back in 2006. Planet Earth II, which has been in the works for nearly three years, was shot entirely in 4K and will consist of six episodes. David Attenborough returned to serve as the narrator, and Hans Zimmer composed the score.

The teaser gives a look at multiple animals, including penguins tumbling into the water, lionesses trying to take down a giraffe and a buffalo, a fox jumping in the snow, and komodo dragons battling against each other.

A premiere date for Planet Earth II has not yet been set. The first series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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