Sharon Osbourne Reacts to Her Son’s Diagnosis

Sharon Osbourne broke down in tears when she discussed the news of her son, Jack, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis diagnosis on “The Talk”.

Sharon told her “The Talk” co-host Julie Chen, “Jack will actually be here on Wednesday to talk about his diagnosis. But he’s great, he’s doing really, really well.”

“He’s great; he’s doing really, really good,” Osbourne said fighting through her tears on “The Talk”. “I want to thank everyone for your goodwill and messages.”

Jack Osbourne revealed the news of his diagnosis Sunday in an interview with People Magazine.

“Just thank you to everyone, for all their good wishes it’s been amazing, but for Jack cause I really believe that vibes of prayer help,” Osbourne told the audience. “Good energy is what we need.”

“And what I’m doing right now is not helping because I’m just feeling sorry for myself and that is no good. We have to think positively and get on with this show.”

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