Watch: Cher & James Corden Sing ‘I Got You Babe’

“I Got You Babe” gets a twist!

Watch: Cher & James Corden Sing ‘I Got You Babe’

During The Late Late Show on Thursday (October 20th), Cher and James Corden performed her 1965 classic, “I Got You Babe” – with a modern-day twist titled “I Got You Bae.”

“I’m gonna do one of my favorite songs tonight. It’s very close to my heart, but I want to do it in a different way,” she said.

The iconic songstress, dressed in a red sequin dress and feather coat, was then joined on stage with Corden, who also came out dressed up as Cher. “Well, it’s a Sonny and Cher song, and I just thought I would be Cher,” Corden explained.

“Yeah, but out of the two of us, what makes you possibly think you can be Cher?” she teased. “I mean – I’m literally Cher.”

Cher and her late-husband Sonny Bono recorded the original song. The pair were married from 1964 to 1975, and are parents to transgender son Chaz Bono. Sonny passed away in 1998 after a skiing accident at the age of 62.

Watch the clip of “I Got You Bae” below where they sing about swiping right, being Facebook official and more!

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