Watch: First Teaser For Miranda Sings’ Netflix Series ‘Haters Back Off’

“Discover the voice that started it all.”

The first trailer for YouTube star Colleen Ballinger’s Netflix series, Haters Back Off, is here!

In the short clip, viewers are given a taste of Ballinger’s ever-so-popular and overly confident character, Miranda Sings – in which she has popularized on YouTube, racking up over one billion views.

Haters Back Off will follow Sings as she attempts to become the star she believes she was born to be. Uncle Jim (played by Steve Little) and her loving mother Bethany (played by Angela Kinsey) join Sings on her quest to stardom.

“Some day soon and for the rest of their lives, the world will thank us for this,” says Jim, who may be tone-deaf. Sings deadpans in response, “Yeah, I know.”

The eight-episode series premieres on Netflix on October 14th. Check out the teaser trailer below!

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