Watch: Justin Timberlake Corrects Ellen DeGeneres’ Lyric Fail

Is it “just electric” or “just imagine”?

Watch: Justin Timberlake Corrects Ellen DeGeneres

On Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin Timberlake stopped by to share Halloween photos of his “pretty rad” son Silas, chat about his upcoming film Trolls – and to clear up the lyric confusion for his original song “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

“When the song first came out, I decided to send him a video of me singing [the song],” DeGeneres told her audience about Timberlake’s Trolls soundtrack tune.

“There was no tequila involved,” Timberlake joked about the clip she sent. “My favorite was when you were like ‘just electric, just electric, just electric’… I was like that’s… that’s not the words,” he revealed, prompting DeGeneres’s surprise. “It pretty clearly says ‘just imagine.’”

After the DJ played back the lyric for the audience, Timberlake sympathetically stated, “I should have just written ‘it’s just electric.’”

Watch the full interview below:

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