What Did the Cast of Mad Men Take Home From the Set?

As AMC’s Mad Men came to a close after seven seasons on Sunday night, check out what each of the cast members said they took home from the set as a keepsake.

According to MTV News, actress January Jones, who plays Betty Draper Francis, said she didn’t take one thing from the set. “I wish I had taken the dress that Betty wore to the Coca-Cola audition in season one, but I wasn’t allowed to… it was stolen, or something. We weren’t allowed to take anything… maybe [I’d throw out] the girdles. There was a love/hate relationship, there.”

Sally Draper’s Keirnan Shipka said that, while they weren’t allowed to keep any of the clothing items, there were a few things she was excited to keep. “Over the years, I have one pair of shoes, they were back-up go-go boots — which is just such a fun thing to say. I took Sally’s necklace, as well, that she always wears.”

John Slattery, who stars as Roger Sterling, stated that he knew exactly what he did and didn’t want to keep. “I took the desk lamp that was on my desk in my office. I’ve had enough three-piece suits for a lifetime, maybe. We were cinched in to all that stuff. That, and the fake cigarettes — herbal cigarettes, that would probably be the first thing I could say goodbye to forever.”

Christina Hendricks illustrated to MTV News that the famous pen necklace Joan Harris always wore was one of the items she definitely wanted to keep. However, Hendricks wasn’t too fond of Joan’s style in the mid-60’s, explaining, “There were some collars, and some colors… when it started to get the big butterfly colors on the blouses – I was out. Never made it in my wardrobe in real life, ever.”

E! News caught up with the Mad Men crew as well, with actress Elizabeth Moss explaining that she eagerly took home some sentimental items that belonged to Peggy Olson. “I took a ring. I took my thermos. I took a chair. I pillaged,” she said jokingly. “I pillaged the place!”

The show’s creator Matthew Weiner left with a few items, as well, but first wanted to make sure Jon Hamm, who played Don Draper, was able to take some things home. “My first act was that [he] took something, because he didn’t want anything. I made sure he took Don’s chair from the apartment, because I said, ‘You’ll be sorry later on. Just make sure you take it.’”

Weiner continued to explain that he took a few symbolic items from every character, saying, “I had first dibs, I got a little something from every office. Some of the stuff was mine from my house. So, I just got it back.”

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