“The Avengers” Already Breaking Records

A lot of movies like to bill themselves as THE blockbuster of the year. Only a few actually live up to the hype. Even fewer achieve that status ONE WEEK before it’s debut in theaters. The movie that is creating this hype?  The Avengers, out Friday May 4.

According to Movietickets.com The Avengers is pre-selling more tickets than the previous “superhero” movies COMBINED. Translated? It has already outsold Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man.

Here are the impressive numbers – Avengers is selling 3,995% more tickets than Captain America, 1,034% more tickets than Thor, 114% more tickets than Iron Man 2, and 1,406% more tickets than Iron Man at the same point in the sales cycle.

Wow. My full review is coming in one week.

The next question is, have you already bought yours?

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