Dave Chappelle To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On November 12

This year’s election has provided so much material for comedians and writing staffs that there’s been an increase in carpal tunnel syndrome for the amount of scribbling done on notepads. From the political arena to late night talk shows, “I’m With Her” vs. “The Donald” has brought untold comedic riches.

Lorne Michaels’s Saturday Night Live, a weekly staple for more than 40 years has been given a ratings boost in the weeks leading up to Election Day with celebrity cameos and skits (Tom Hanks on “Black Jeopardy” is gold. And not in a Seinfeld “Gold, Jerry” kind of way either.). So to learn that Dave Chappelle will make his SNL debut as host this November 12, just days after the election, of course the mind races of what will be said or performed live in front of a studio audience.

Not only is Chappelle making his debut as host, but A Tribe Called Quest is the musical guest. The group will be playing tracks from its upcoming album, its first since 1998’s The Love Movement.

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