Second Trailer for ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Released

New footage is shown in the latest teaser.


The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is less than a week away!

Netflix released a second trailer for the highly-anticipated Gilmore Girls reboot on Friday. In the latest teaser, glimpses of all the Gilmore girls – Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Rory (Alexis Bledel), and Emily (Kelly Bishop) – are all shown in addition to Luke (Scott Patterson), Lane (Keiko Agena), Paris (Liza Weil), Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), Logan (Matt Czuchry), Dean (Jared Padalecki), and other Stars Hollow favorites!

Some clips of the new trailer were seen in the first trailer that was released last month. New clips show some children acting as servants for Lorelai and Rory, Rory trying to pick out a lucky outfit, Lorelai expressing her great love for coffee, and more.

“Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in another life I was coffee,” Lorelai says.

Lorelai also provides Rory with some wise advice, saying, “Any outfit you wear without underwear is going to be your lucky outfit.”

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which will consist of four ninety-minute episodes, premieres on Netflix on November 25th. Check out the trailer below:

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